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Angelina Jolie Hairstyle

Angelina Jolie is one of the most beloved actresses in the U.S and around the world. Angelina is not only an actress, ambassador and a mother she is also an Icon and has great hair. This “Tomb Raider” celebrity has long dark brown hair, however sometimes you catch her sporting a blonde medium length bob. Angelina is definitely a mover and shaker and she knows how to get things done as well as create great hairstyles that accentuate her infamous features like her sparking eyes and voluptuous lips.

Angelina’s hairstyles range from soft waves and fringed bangs, to straight or wavy as well as cut and tapered ends with soft parts. This is one actress that knows how to remain humble and gracious as well as a knock out on the red carpet by wearing sophisticated and classy updo hairstyles with defined bangs with height or wearing low ponytails with soft waves. One thing that can be “Wanted” is Angelina’s hair, she keeps her hair at a medium to long length and she has thin to medium hair which makes it easy for her to style and maintain her various different hairstyles that she sports.
You may not be able to get Angelina’s most wanted lips but you can focus on life or something like it and get her trouble free hairstyles. If you want to obtain some of Angelina’s looks just check her out in some of her popular films like Gone in 60 Seconds, Atlas shrugged, or “The challenging” you will be sure to find out some knock out looks that make you look just as pleasant as this bodacious actress.


Angelina had cameras going wild at the 13th Annual Critics’ Choice Awards with her sensational face framing style. Layers were cut through her mid-lengths and ends to create fullness and to add bounce to her style.

Here, Angelina’s trademark dark locks are long & wavy. Get this romantic look with hot rollers, styling spray (the secret to keeping a curl) & by teasing your roots at the crown. You’ll want to brush hair back out of the face & spray with holding spray.

Angelina so far has stuck to longer hair styles. Below, she is wearing a classy hair style, with a little height in the crown area.
All hair is kept off her face, making its shape appear very dramatic. The hair in the crown area has a little bit of height to it. This can be created by gently back-combing small sections of hair and then smoothing over the top with your fingers.
Teasing, or back-combing needs to be done very gently since it can cause breakage and damage to your hair.
Angelina also uses makeup very effectively to highlight her eyes and cheekbones.


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